Vinyl/PVC Fence

Do you remember a time when you heard the word “vinyl” and thought of the first record you bought? Vinyl just isn’t what you think of when you need a fence however, it really should be the FIRST thought you have! In today’s fencing industry the benefits of vinyl, sometimes called PVC, are soaring past the other materials. 


Grab the hose and rise off any debris. Cleaning and maintaining your vinyl fence is SERIOUSLY that easy. Vinyl maintains its color and integrity for years beyond other materials. Iron needs to be pained, wood stained or sealed, and chain link re-stretched but, vinyl doesn’t need anything! It is one of the highest qualities that entice our customers. Because of its low maintenance nature, you save hours of time and lots $$$.

Did you know that vinyl is almost 5 times stronger than wood?!? Adding to its strength is the benefit that it does not decompose, rust, or lose shape so you can expect it to last for years to come. The integrity of its composition prevent moisture from being absorbed so you’ll never have to worry about placing a vinyl fence close to pools, sprinkles, or large bodies of water. Unlike wood, vinyl, will not warp, rot, or peel. And in contrast to iron, vinyl will not rust or need to be painted.

The intention cost of vinyl fencing scares many homeowners and businesses but, the long-term investment of a vinyl fence makes so much more sense than more traditional avenues. The life span and cost of maintaining other fence materials surpasses the average yearly cost of a vinyl fence.

Unlike ornamental iron, wood, or chain link, vinyl can offer complete privacy. The tongue in grove style construction eliminates gaps that you might have in a wood fence. This makes it a perfect fit for backyard privacy, pool security, and dumpster/mechanic enclosures.

Did you know you can completely customize a vinyl fence? Arrow Fence & Shelter can customize the height, design, and spacing of your vinyl fence with a vinyl fence CNC router. Our access to this piece of equipment allows us to build you a two-toned spaced picket pool fence or an 8-foot-tall privacy fence for that dog that loves to jump. In addition to customizing height, design, and spacing, we have access to the largest variety of colors and color combinations including streaked and embossed with a wood grain pattern.

The manufacture warranty for County Estates Vinyl is untouchable with a 50 year/Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers product failure resulting from defective raw materials and/or manufacturing defects.

So, don't settle for lesser grades of vinyl or pvc fencing. There is a difference between our vinyl and the type almost every other fence company offers. Other types of vinyl usually have thinner walls that crack easy, or the color can fade, or the design is flawed, making it literally pull apart. Visit Country Estates website for the full list of vinyl fence designs and options!

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