Stockade Fencing

Stockade Fencing is a great way to enclose your property. It is cheap, durable and easy to install. Stockade fencing offers privacy whilst still allowing views of the outside world through gaps in between the posts.

Our stockade fences are made from pressure treated timber or steel which means that they have been specially coated for protection against rot and insect attack so they will give you years of good service.

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Stockade Fencing
Stockade Fencing

The Benefits of Stockade Fencing

Stockade fencing is a type of fence consisting of vertical boards, laid on their points with the narrow side facing out. Stockade fences are generally fitted closely together and they can be used to create barriers that will stop people from trying to climb over them. We offer both store-bought stockade fencing as well as custom made versions for those who want to have a fence that is unique.

Stockade fencing can be found in many different residential or commercial settings, but it’s most often seen as the type of barrier you find at large construction sites and playgrounds. This style of fence makes sure kids stay inside the designated play area, while also making them feel protected from potential outside dangers.

Stockade fencing for residential and commercial properties

Stockade Fencing is a type of fencing that offers privacy and security for residential or commercial properties. Stockade fencing involves the use of posts, rails (lattice), pickets, boards made from cedar or pine wood, then coated with high-quality paint to prevent rotting and give them an attractive finish.

A stockade fence typically has three to four rails on top, with pickets or boards laid horizontally and attached to the posts. The gaps between each of these horizontal pieces can be filled in with more pickets for a tighter fit against intruders.

Stockade fencing is usually made from cedar or pine wood but nowadays you will find that it’s also available in aluminum.


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