Split Rail Fencing

Arrow Fence & Shelter offers a number of split rail fence styles. Split rail fences are traditionally built from wood, but the fence is typically made of two or more pieces that are nailed to posts at set intervals. Split rails may include a combination of pine, oak, cedar and spruce options.

Split rail fencing can be installed in areas with heavy snow loads by using wider boards for the rails. A split rail fence is typically installed by first digging a trench, setting posts in the ground and laying down boards to create rails. Nails are then used to attach the rails together with some distance between each board.

Split rail fences are often seen around farmlands or for homeowners who want an old-fashioned look that’s both sustainable and durable. At Arrow Fence & Shelter, you’ll find a variety of split rail fence options that are perfect for your needs.

Split Rail Fencing
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Customize your own split rail fence

Split rail fence is popular in the country because it’s durable and simple to use for building fences around your property.

The popularity of split rail fencing has grown over time as people have found that they are good for many applications, such as providing privacy on large properties or running alongside roads and highways.

Split rails offer an attractive option to consider when building fences because they can provide security while also being aesthetically pleasing.


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