Below are some of our most popular types of fence materials for our residential customers. Some of these are used in the commercial and government markets as well, but they are primarily installed around backyards, playgrounds, and swimming pools. Be sure to click on the pictures to find out more about a particular fence type.

By far the most popular fence type we install. A cedar privacy or stockade fence has a lot of advantages over other types of wood fences. To find out more about cedar and why we use it click here.

Cedar Fence

Ornamental iron has a lot to offer when it comes to talking about the best type of fence to choose. In addition to adding security and beauty around your home, it is also the fence material of choice around swimming pools. Find out more about the types of ornamental iron we offer.


Vinyl or PVC fencing has the most options when it comes to both color and style of the fence. Vinyl also comes with the longest warranty of any fence type. Learn more about the vinyl fences we install.


Chain link fences come in many heights and colors. It can be a great choice for pets and children alike. Find out more about all the choices in chain link fencing.

It is very important for the durability of your wood fence to have a protective finish. Click here to find out more about the advantages staining and sealing your fence.


When integrated into your fence line, brick pillars or columns can add to both the stability of your fence and amazing beauty. Find out more about brick and stone columns here.

Brick Fence

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