Dog Fencing

Dog fencing is not just for dogs. If your dog is a fence jumper or you have too many other pets, then it’s time to install an Arrow Fence that will keep them safely contained on your property. Most people overlook the benefits of this type of fencing because they think only dogs need protection from roaming free and escaping outside boundaries at any given moment.

Protect Your Yard with a High Quality Dog Fence

We all know how important it is to keep your property safe. That’s why when you’re designing a new landscape or updating an old one, you need to make sure that safety and security are top of mind. Dog fences provide more than just peace of mind for those who have dogs in the family; they also create beautiful spaces for homeowners.

Dog Fencing

Dog fences can be expensive, but with all the options available today it is possible to find one that will work for your needs. Selecting a fencing style and material may take some time, but when you are finished there should not be any question about whether or not your fence was worth installing in the first place. The goal of this type of fencing is to provide a safe and secure space for your dog, as well as an attractive barrier around your property.

Arrow Fence & Shelter  is a company that offers attractive and affordable fencing for dogs. Contact Arrow Fence & Shelter for more information.

Some of the benefits include:

Protecting your property from intruders.

Your pets are not the only ones who can escape and get into trouble when you're gone. Keep an Arrow Fence in place to ensure that both animals and people stay out of areas they are not supposed to be while on your land.

Giving your pets a designated area to play.

If you have more than one pet or if your animal is escaping too often, it's time for an Arrow Fence that will give them their own space while still keeping them on the property and out of harm's way.

Preventing accidents from happening near electric fences.

Some dogs are sensitive to electricity and can be hurt by a standard electric fence. Arrow Fence can help keep them safe.

Giving your pets their own place to stay when you're gone and unable to care for them yourself.

Dog boarding facilities should have an Arrow Fence installed so that they don't escape into the unknown or get lost on a walk outside of the property line while in their care.

Keeping your pets from eating toxic substances or getting into a fight with another animal on the property.

If you have gardens, livestock, and other animals running around freely outside of an Arrow Fence, you're putting your dog at risk.


About us

We at Arrow Fence & Shelter believe in delivering the best quality work possible. We also have a heightened sense of responsibility and an awareness that we are building for future generations. This is why everything we do must live up to our high standards, including customer service, project selection, materials used and installation processes.

We have been in the industry for a long time now and we’ve learned many things. One of which is that every job has its own unique challenges, but you must never back down from them. We know firsthand that it takes commitment, skill and knowledge to build an excellent fence or shelter.

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