Besides standard locks on gates, greater security and control can be maintained by utilizing an electric strike or magnetic lock. Electric strikes are locks that are controlled electronically and can be locked and unlocked remotely. This process is often referred to as “buzzing” someone in. Magnetic locks similarly require constant power and come in different magnetic strengths.


Transmitters are one of the most popular methods of access control. Like garage door openers, electronic remote transmitters or “clickers” are also used to open gated systems remotely. Gated communities, parking garages, commercial businesses and industrial sites often use electronic gating systems to keep pedestrians out of restricted access areas. Check out our wide line of remote control transmitters.


Key pads require a unique combination of buttons pressed to deactivate an electric strike, magnetic lock, or operator arm. Key pads allow access without the necessity of carrying keys, cards, or any other type of product. They can also be programmed to alert you after a certain number of incorrect key strikes are attempted, and many other security functions.


Telephone Entry Systems allow you to conveniently control access to your property from a telephone or cell phone. As the land line becomes more and more obsolete these systems have stood the test of time and adapted to new and more modern technology.


Biometric readers allow the maximum in unique entry management. Fingerprint readers, eye readers or iris readers, hand geometry recognition and face recognition systems are some of the more high-tech access control methods available today. For even tighter security, biometrics can be used as a secondary source of information verification after an access card or code are entered.


Wiegand card readers contain the information required for entry within the card itself limiting its susceptibility to wear.


Proximity cards contain circuits that activate when put within close proximity of the proximity reader allowing for entry.